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  • HP210076A NFC Pick to Light LED Tag
HP210076A NFC Pick to Light LED Tag

HP210076A NFC Pick to Light LED Tag

    • Open LED by any NFC reader, used for pick to light purpose

    • Realize real-time tracking of test tube information

    • Multi-label recognition to improve work efficiency

    • Helps to reduce out-of-stocks and improve inventory turns

    • Tiny size, specically design for medical tube

    • LED light indicating for sucessful or failed track

    • The Protocol is ISO15693 and other chip IC option

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HP210076A NFC Pick to Light LED Tag

  • HP210076A NFC Pick to Light LED Light Tag

  • Tag Dimension: 40*0*0.2mm (Antenna Size: 36*0mm)

  • Chip: TC603BS(Protocol: ISO15693)

  • Memory: EPC/Block 2048bits+User 1280bits

  • Operating Frequency: 13.0-14.5Mhz

  • FaceStock/Housing: Transparent PET

  • Reading Range: 3cm on Air-Free (Depends on Reader) 

  • Installation: Adhesive

  • Characteristic: LED Reminder

  • Feature Option: Free consulting and free samples with solution proposal & evaluation, Fast sampling within 2-3days is provided to support ODM/OEM/SKD in order to meet the customized printing including mono/color barcode and text Embossing, laser-engraving, personalization and encoding service

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Value Points

  • HF LED Tag based on TID UID EPC specified numbers for inventory check, it reduce labor cost 80% more than human operation, improved track efficiency, track capacity and track accuracy.

  • NFC LED Light Medical test tube Tag has a unique identification number, its fast reading speed, good group reading ability, can still work if it is contaminated and damaged, long service life, reusable and other characteristics, which determine its best identification number. Best choice. It solves the tedious work of traditional manual report data statistics, ensures the accuracy of data and fast scheduling, and reduces the workload.



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