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RFID technology warehouse logistics tray management is more intelligent

RFID technology warehouse logistics tray management is more intelligent

With the intelligent production, information construction, and diversified production products, the types of materials for warehouse management are no longer unitary, and the workload of warehouse management becomes larger, and warehouse management operations are also very complicated and diversified. . The traditional manual warehouse operation mode and data collection methods have been difficult to meet the requirements of fast and accurate warehouse management. In order to increase the efficiency of enterprise management and high operation, the logistics storage mode is constantly innovated. The use of pallet marking allows warehouse management It's more convenient. The warehouse goods are comprehensively and real-time supervised, which fully solves many management problems such as assets, and realizes warehouse automation, information and digital management. RFID technology warehouse logistics tray management is more intelligent.

Pallets are the most basic and core cargo unit in the entire logistics supply chain in logistics warehousing and distribution. Pallets have been widely used in production, warehousing, logistics, retail and other links. The use of RFID's own advantages combined with the supply chain makes the entire logistics industry more convenient and fast. The RFID-based pallet management system developed by Aisike can simplify the workflow in the logistics supply chain and effectively improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.

(1) Storage of finished product boxes

When the empty tray of the electronic label enters the entrance of the tray, the reading and writing device performs reading and writing tests on the electronic label, thereby ensuring that the electronic label whose performance reaches the standard enters the circulation link. The barcode scanning system scans, stacks, and stacks the barcodes on the qualified finished product boxes, and the reader writes the compressed bar code information of the entire pallet container into the electronic label to realize the association between the barcode and the label and the information Passed to the central management system.

(2) Change the pallet container or assemble the bulk container in the storage process

RFID mobile read-write equipment is used to re-associate the adjusted cargo box data with the label, write new information to the label, and update the central database synchronously.

(3) Pallet out of storage

Collect electronic tag information through fixed RFID reading and writing equipment and buried antenna, and upload it to the central management system. After the system is verified, the data is decompressed to form the bar code information of the cargo box, which realizes the docking with the one-two-scan commercial arrival scanning system.

(4) Distribution center reception

The pallet stays in the reading area for 2-3 seconds to complete the scanning of the cargo boxes on the entire pallet, without the need to destack and scan the single piece and then load the stack.

Realize fast cargo operation and inventory counting. Scan the pallet electronic label to know the item information of the entire pallet at a time, eliminating the manpower and material resources required for depalletizing and reinstalling the pallet, saving time, reducing the error rate and the probability of cargo damage. The practical application of RFID technology in the field of production and logistics realizes the "integrated" management of products from production, warehousing to sales. Through the thorough implementation of the "source" tracking solution and the ability to fully reflect its transparency in the supply chain, it can effectively contain even Eliminate extracorporeal circulation.

The requirements of modern warehouse management have made traditional barcode labels and manual warehouse management documents unable to meet the requirements. RFID technology has many advantages such as long recognition distance, simultaneous identification of multiple tags, fast collection, easy damage, large capacity, etc. Management becomes transparent and more efficient.

With the rapid development of warehousing automation, various industry-related equipment is constantly developing in a more scientific and practical direction. RFID technology plays a very important role in efficient warehousing logistics pallet management. It automatically collects data from various operations such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, transfer, warehouse shift, inventory counting, etc. The data of each link of warehouse management is efficient and accurate, and the real data of inventory is timely and accurately controlled, and the enterprise inventory is reasonably maintained and controlled.



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