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RFID power asset equipment management

RFID power asset equipment management

At present, most power companies manually copy and verify information about fixed assets and on-site materials. This method is not only cumbersome, time-efficient, but also has many loopholes. Even if the business management system and bar code technology are used, it still cannot meet the demand for real-time recording of physical change information. Now through the use of RFID technology, it can realize the automatic identification and management of various items of equipment in different states, automatically collect data, eliminate human errors, and achieve seamless connection with the information management system. Paste the electronic label with the management data information and physical information of the equipment on the surface of the physical object, so that the stored information is consistent with the equipment account. The portable reading and writing equipment can carry out on-site modification and record meter reading information, and update the equipment update and mobile information in real time, realize batch uploading of reports, and ensure that the accounts are consistent. Connect the reading device to the existing business management system of the power enterprise through the data interface, so that the device management and project management become a complete closed loop, solve the blind zone between the business management system and the physical management, and achieve the integration of the physical and management system化管理。 Management.

Solution advantages:

1. Automatic identification management, automatic data collection, eliminate human error, and realize seamless connection with information management system.

2. The historical patrol records are automatically collected to solve the problems of scattered data collection and input of equipment information, difficulty in verification of system data and no physical records.

3. Save time and improve efficiency



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