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RFID is the core technology of various industries

RFID is the core technology of various industries

RFID technology can bring profoundly influential benefits to many application fields. One benefit of that is that data can be read quickly and efficiently in property tracking and intelligent management.

Traditionally, the objects in the warehouse contain barcodes. The specific search for the barcode on each item is a very slow process, so the inventory of the warehouse assets at this time may be a very time-consuming process. Using RFID, without manual control, the company can quickly and efficiently summarize inventory every week, ensuring that all problems can be handled and solved in time. This kind of visibility is very useful. There is no need for direct field of vision like bar codes, and no need for staff to hold bar code scanners to search on objects and scan bar codes directly. In turn, the radio frequency identification technology can clear the property in a few seconds. Objects are identified using intelligent RFID tags, and handheld scanners or stationary reading software that automatically sends radio frequency signals every few seconds are used to "power the system" for this identification. The data and information obtained will be It is sent to the back-end development program to run. The company can use unmanned aircraft to sail on the relative path booked in the warehouse, quickly, conveniently and regularly check the record inventory within many hours, and then use the same technology.

RFID also provides convenience for the retail industry. "For example, this technology can automatically send an alarm for clothes falling on a wooden floor, and assist in tracking and analyzing whether certain specifications of clothes must be filled in the warehouse; it can also be based on the steps that must create a balance between supply and demand, The migration of delivery to a different location also eases the need for retail chains to maintain high inventory levels."

The diagnosis and treatment industry can also have similar applications. For example, in pharmacies and hospital outpatient clinics, it is necessary to record and follow the expiration date of drugs and strictly control inventory levels.

At the level of on-site management and service application, the radio frequency identification provides a good solution for on-site vehicle tracking high-value special tools and components, not just limited to business processes related to service items and technology application. "Emergency health service vehicles, such as emergency vehicles, fire trucks, and senior emergency workers, can use this technology to track such expensive machinery and equipment. If a medical equipment defibrillator is lost, the organization will be damaged, but According to the technology to track the inventory items when the car leaves, the probability that they will be left on the spot or lost will be greatly reduced, thereby saving the extravagant and wasted time of repeated investigations on the spot.

It also provides an ideal solution to the weapons and equipment management methods in the defense and personal security manufacturing industries. The radio frequency identification technology can not only place weapons and equipment itself, but also can be placed in a weapon equipment cabinet to track who is wearing what weapons and equipment, and whether such weapons and equipment have received the necessary prior approval.

Another key application area of RFID is file management. Because paper copies of text documents must be saved for a certain period of time, many companies still use paper documents and folder names. "Using will make it easier to track the location of text documents or folder names, which provides good security for packaging and printing paper materials such as contracts, books, drawings, medical history, and case files. And management capabilities."

Obviously, RFID can generate real benefits for many manufacturing industries, is conducive to improving the main production force, providing reliable data and information, and also improving the visibility and traceability of property. More accurate, more immediate, and more knowledgeable control of data information will be a powerful special tool for all companies.



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