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RFID automotive production line application realizes automatic control and detection

RFID automotive production line application realizes automatic control and detection

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the technology of the automobile industry is getting higher and higher, and the mass production and use of automobiles has improved the intelligent management of the production process. Applying RFID technology to production line monitoring can realize automatic control and detection and save costs.

Establish a unified central database on the site of the enterprise workshop as an information platform for the circulation of goods to facilitate overall standardized management. In the industrial link, RFID technology is used to assign an identification number (ID) to each work-in-progress component, which is the name of the component in the information network. Through RFID technology, the production status and inventory status are mapped to the information network and registered in the In the field center database, it is transmitted to the information system (such as ERP, MRP), etc.

The automobile manufacturing industry was originally a typical multi-work, multi-process, and multi-material mass production process. Now with the development of personalized cars (purchasers can customize the car), almost every car will have some personalized Therefore, it is necessary to apply RFID technology to achieve transparency in the whole production process. The automobile industry chain can be simply divided into three basic links: parts manufacturing, vehicle assembly and after-sales service. At present, RFID technology is mainly used in parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly links. Whether it is a parts production plant or a vehicle assembly plant, only manual management of a large number of parts and complex and numerous manufacturing processes is not only error-prone, but also unable to quickly improve the operational efficiency of each process from the source.

Application of RFID in automobile welding production line

Choose high-temperature, dust-proof, metal-proof, anti-magnetic, reusable RFID electronic tags, and monitor the welding production line through automatic identification. The operation instruction information (vehicle type information, welding instruction information, program, etc.) can be stored in the target tray. The antenna can be set in a higher place of the welding production line to avoid the influence of people and machines. Due to the strong anti-pollution ability of RFID tags And strong durability, greatly reducing identification errors and can effectively improve the visibility of the internal supply chain.

Application of RFID in automobile coating production line

The automotive coating production line has many complicated processes, large model changes, and high production flexibility. The purpose of automotive coating is to make every car sold look more perfect for consumers. Therefore, each process link of the workshop production line must have a very high level of automation and quality monitoring system. Therefore, the use of RFID technology in the body identification system of the production line automatic control system can collect all kinds of on-site data statistics, status monitoring, and quality inspection information in the production process in real time, and send it to the production control center in time. RFID technology combined with optical fiber Ethernet and field bus can form a complex automatic control system, realize the flexible production of automobile coating production line, improve the automation level of automobile body production and the flexibility of adapting to different types of production, so that the system is very reliable Performance and fault tolerance.

Application of RFID in automobile assembly line

As the final link in the production of a complete automobile, the assembly shop involves numerous parts and processes, and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the automobile and the production schedule. Any interruption of the assembly process means a delay in operation. On the final assembly line, especially on the assembly line that adopts the JIT (Just In Time) production method, raw materials and parts must be delivered to the workstation on time, and the inventory and material supply must also match the vehicle assembly schedule.

RFID technology has been widely used in production line control to realize automatic control and data collection. Each RFID electronic tag can be uniquely identified, and information such as the raw material and source, production line location, production process and inventory status of each product can be recorded through the application, so as to provide an effective basis for better management of production and inventory adjustment.



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