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The China Tennis Association Became The First Association In China To Use Blockchain And RFID To Produce And Issue Certificates.

The China Tennis Association became the first association in China to use blockchain and RFID to produce and issue certificates.

On November 18th, members of the China Tennis Association received a qualification for tennis technology grading with a unique digital identity. The China Tennis Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China Network Association") also became the first in China to utilize blockchain technology and A national association of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that produces and issues certificates.

It is reported that the new certificate is jointly developed by Donggang Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhongnet Tainis Sports Development Center (the only official operating organization of the China Tennis Association), based on blockchain technology, RFID technology and other innovative certificate applications. The traditional certificate security verification problem, the certificate life cycle identity is unique, can not be falsified, authentic and traceable.

According to the official website of the China Association of Internet, recently, Beijing Donggang Ruihong Technology Co., Ltd., in conjunction with the Beijing Zhongnet Tainis Sports Development Center, combined RFID with the blockchain to make use of the RFID chip ID information. The decentralized nature of the decentralization of the sex and blockchains improves the credibility of its anti-counterfeiting system and at the same time enables the traceability management of the level certificates.

In addition, according to the characteristics of distributed accounting, full process traceability, such as blockchain technology, the two parties make certificate patterns based on blockchain technology and write relevant data into the blockchain. At the same time, the RFID chip with the customer's personalized information is embedded in the certificate, and the RFID write code information is written into the blockchain. Multi-party data combination, generate unique level certificate data, and securely record the full amount of information and process of each information change, such as certificate making, RFID writing, distribution, distribution, and inspection, by blockchain. , anti-counterfeiting traceability.



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