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NXP joins the rookie network to jointly develop a new generation of RFID technology

NXP joins the rookie network to jointly develop a new generation of RFID technology

RFID uses radio frequency signals to identify specified targets and read and write related data without the need to establish physical contact to achieve automatic identification and tracking of items. RFID cannot be easily replaced by other technologies due to its group reading ability, long-distance reading capability, anti-pollution capability and durability, penetration, high security, high data capacity, and reusability.

At present, RFID technology has mature applications in finance, securities, bills, books, access control management, animal husbandry management, file management, etc., and has been widely applied in power, clothing, aviation, logistics, transportation, packaging and other aspects.

In addition, under the impetus of the national power grid to build a comprehensive ubiquitous power Internet of Things project, RFID technology will make a difference in the power industry; under the IATA resolution of the International Air Transport Association, the application of RFID technology in the aviation field will be further expanded; Full implementation of the highway electronic toll collection system, the application of RFID technology has penetrated the transportation industry. Nowadays, the application of RFID technology in the field of logistics has brought good news. NXP Semiconductors ("NXP") and Rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Rookie Network") officially signed a strategic cooperation memorandum "MoU", both sides It will explore radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and smart retail solutions to promote the digital strategy upgrade of the logistics supply chain.

Undoubtedly, in the next few years, RFID technology will play an important role in many fields.

It is true that the close integration of RFID technology and business is causing profound changes in the retail industry, and improving the efficiency, accuracy and convenience of the entire supply chain process has become a new challenge. NXP and the rookie network will jointly develop a new generation of low-cost, high-performance UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) protocol, improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain and logistics management system, and export digital solutions to the global logistics center. With this comprehensive supply chain management solution, all the logistics information will be digitized and the information transparency of the “people's goods yard” will be strengthened.

RFID technology can grasp the comprehensive information of a commodity and a package faster and more accurately, and then make decisions around the goods and parcels through artificial intelligence. For example, it can accurately find which car, which courier, and what path to transport. This item, the delivery of this package will be faster and the cost will be more economical.

The goal of NXP's cooperation with the rookie network is to make every business and every logistics company affordable and use RFID to accelerate the digital upgrade of the entire industry. As the world's leading artificial intelligence Internet of Things chip company, NXP's product line in the RFID field is very rich, including a full range of passive RFID products.

In the low-frequency field, NXP's HITAG products support the low-frequency RFID market, providing high-reliability, high-stability and high-security data transmission, and ultra-low-power design for stability in harsh environments.

In the high-frequency sector, NXP has launched the MIFARE DESFire family of products that support identity, access control, micropayment applications, and multi-application smart card solutions for transportation. The NFC market, which is waiting to discover more specific application scenarios, is also a key point for NXP's future development. Currently, iOS 13 supports NXP's full range of NFC tag reading. In addition, NXP has also launched the MIFARE 2GO software application platform to manage product-based MIFARE digital credentials on mobile phones and wearable devices. It also cooperates with Google and Apple to integrate all subway cards, bus cards and access control based on the MIFARE 2GO platform. Cards, etc., and also have applications in electronic smart locks.

In the field of ultra-high frequency, NXP has introduced the UCODE series to provide higher crashworthiness, increase accuracy and sensitivity, expand the reading range and widen the frequency range (in compliance with EPCglobal specifications), and support global use. The chip provides real-time information on items in distribution centers, shipping processes, storerooms, store shelves, fitting rooms, or when they are being purchased, helping retailers and brand owners make targeted decisions that power the logistics supply chain. Run efficiently. In addition to UCODE's long-range contactless performance, UCODE DNA adds cutting-edge encryption securit



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